Monday, June 25, 2012

Giveaway from Tonya's Treats for Teachers!

Tony's Treats for Teachers is having giveaway!

Yeah, I said a few hours...that didn't happen! I just couldn't wait! YEAH for 200 followers! Thank you to each and every one of you that has followed me, became my blogging friends, and helped me learn SO much over the past two months! I can already see a difference in how blogging has changed me! Even though I was always a creative teacher, I feel that blogging as opened my eyes to being more creative and willing to try new things! So I ask has blogging made you a better teacher?

So...about this giveaway! My two favorite places in the whole world is Target and Starbucks! Well, maybe not the whole world, but two of my favorite stores;) And who doesn't love TPT? Well, two lucky people will have a chance to will ALL of that PLUS 5 items from my TPT store! How cool is that? I kinda want to win...can I???

Also, in honor of having 200 followers I will be having a HUGE sale NOW until this FRIDAY! TPT store is 20% off! I tried to get it to let me have a 50% off sale but I guess it doesn't go that high! This is my first time throwing a sale:)

Enter and Shop today! Thanks again and good luck to everyone:)


  1. Whenever I have brain-drain, I can count on your blog to give me some fresh ideas & keep me going