Sunday, June 24, 2012

Awesome finds at Dollar Tree and Michaels!

I have to share these deals! Look what I found at the Dollar Tree! Yes, they were a $1 a piece. I was about to break down and buy them at Hobby Lobby for 2.37 a piece. I was too excited.
Mine were trashed last year beyond repair. They made it for 3 years:)

Look what I also found at the Dollar Tree, now have you I already bought some at Michaels for half price. That was 7.00 for 3. I got 3 more for $3.00. If I hadn't opened it I would of returned it :(
They light up too :) for $1. Can you say Hip, Hip Hoorah!

I got the cans from Michaels marked down to .65 each. I figure I can use them for sight word game cans. Or maybe some other game. Couldn't pass up the deal.
I got these from Michaels too at 2.99 a piece. A little pricier then I would like, but will complete my look for my room with the cute nameplates and other things I downloaded from blogs!

I want to go to school to drop off all my goodies. I also got bubble wrap, popsicle sticks, and file folders from the Dollar Tree. Some games from Ross, just love Ross. A cvc game for 3.99. Awesome!

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