Monday, June 4, 2012

So school is finally over! I have finally moved classrooms and packed up to unpack in my new room! (hahaha) Anyway, how did your end of the year go? We had a completion program on the last day of school. Pros: Parents took their kids early, it was during the school day
Cons: It was the last day school, A lot of work and stress went into it, we had autograph signing in the cafeteria with refreshments afterwards (too crowded), if we have to do it again I say to do that part in our own rooms. But then again, did I tell you I moved (room in boxes). Actually, all the kinder teachers moved except for one! So this would of been more stressful. Anyway, I digress....... I need help on figuring out how to share documents with you. Now that school is over I want to be able to post more items.
Oh by the way, who starts off the summer looking for things to make?
Pick me, Pick me. Yes I do too. Can we just enjoy our summers without planning all the time? No, I can't either.

I also have planned:
1. A trip to the beach
2. Lots of doctors appts.
3. Summer classes (work-off hours)
4. Scrapbooking (I have to catch up)
5. Spring cleaning (I mean Summer cleaning, I guess I missed the memo)
6. Reading
7. Spending time with my kiddos before they grow up too fast. I have one turning 15 this summer!

Have fun this summer!

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