Friday, July 29, 2011

Organizing, Organizing, Organizing!

When I finish all this organization, I will post pics of all I have done. My husband made color copies for me of some of the wonderful polka dot materials I found from ya'll. Soo I am cutting, laminating (with contac paper) yeah I haven't broken down and got a laminator yet :( Here's a couple of things I finished)

Oh yeah! My 14 yr. old son got all 4 wisdom teeth out (so I am at his mercy). My 12yr. old has a inner and outer ear infection. So I have been busy with playing Doctor. My mom is flying in tomorrow morning (time to clean!!!!!)
My new binder for Reading Street materials, our scope and sequence, my materials.

I made four of these for small groups. I got this from

These are going to go on my dry erase board to let the kids know what they need to do. I got this from

I put a magnet on a post-it too :) I figure I can use it for the R.S. amazing words and label them on the posters

I added this to my BEE folders, I plan to put a monthly calendar in here (it's a little harder for the students to show each other their behavior that day......

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