Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What are you working on this summer?

I am going to :
*Make notecards with centers in each one (Ex. Center 1: alphabet and obj. and what to do on notecard) This way when I need additional centers I can look in my center box! (I will take a picture of the finished product later).
*Organize all my blogging papers and scholastic goodies in folders under months or themes for easy access.
*Plan out on paper my new classroom setup. I moved again this year, so need to figure out how to make this room work.
*Scrapbook catch up for my kiddos
*Take my kids on little mini fun days. Tomorrow we are going to a jumping place and Thursday to the Museum.
*Clean out my HOUSE!!!! GET RID OF ANYTHING I DON'T  REALLY NEED!!! Easier said then done. lol!

What are you doing? I don't know how to do a linky party, so someone have one please :)


  1. I've been working on getting new ideas for next year. (A lot of blog stalking.) I plan on following a couple of the book studies. Like you, I am thinking about how I want to set up my classroom and do a lot of getting rid of things I don't use. I plan on throwing in a couple of fun things, maybe take a trip somewhere. I think the beach is calling my name.
    "The Wonderful World of Kindergarten"

    1. Blog stalking!!! That's a big one. We will be going to the beach for a week!
      Have a great summer!