Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fun things to do with your own kids!

Here are some ideas I have seen somewhere or made up:
1. Go to a craft store to find something to make or take a free class
2. Tour a factory (we are going to the Dept. of Treasury since it is close to us and a chocolate factory)
3. Art Museum (there are free and half price days)
4. Berry farm to go berry picking (how fun we are going to pick peaches)
5. Waterpark
4. Outdoor movie
5. Summer $1 movies
6. Bowling
7. Roller Skating
8. Write letters to people that do not live near us (grandma and grandpa)
9. Go to a parade
10. Circus
11. Tea party in our living room (my 13 year old wants to do this :)
12. Make up a skit and perform it
13. Scrapbooking with the kids (I have years to catch up on, this could be a week of fun for me!)
14. Make you own music video
15. Manicure or pedicure at home
16. Water balloon fight
17. Blow up balloon and draw faces on them with permanent markers
18. Make bubbles (go to steve spangler website for cool recipes)
19. PJ day
20. Home made movie with kids
21. Learn to sew or knit
22. Make a obstacle course outside
23. Camp in the backyard
24. Collect rocks and paint them
25. Crayon painting (look on pinterest for great ideas on this)
26. Write your own book
27. Tin foil sculptures
28. Marshmellow towers (with mashmellow and tooth picks)
29. Silly photo day
30. Cardboard house
31. Shaving cream painting
32. Collage with sticky part of contact paper
33. Chuck-e-cheese (use report cards for coins)
34. Jumping house (hours of jumping then they pass out tired)
35. Zoo
36. Nature walk
37. Park you have never been to then have a picnic
38. Go to a place you have never been to, but have always wanted to go to
39. Play one of the following games: Capture the flag. Sardines, Charades, Hula Hoops, Simon Says
40. Play a board game with your child


  1. I learn how to do pedicure at home very use full tips for me thanks for the great information....

  2. You do it with the kids and they give you one and vice versa. You know bowl of warm epsom salt water to put feet in, foot scrub, pumice stone and them paint away.

  3. This is a great list! I'll have to save this for my kids :-)

    Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!