Tuesday, August 9, 2011

PBIS (What do you know?)

Our school is supposed to start PBIS this year. Can anyone give me a overview of what is expected? How much time is invested?
Any help please??????
If you could also ask other teachers I would appreciate it. I'm not sure how to do a linky party :(

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  1. Our school does PBIS and I love it for the Positive rewards for those children that are doing things right. I also like it because it we have a check-in check out for kids that are in the red area( always getting into trouble. We have rewarded the students with individual things called Merits and collecting merits can get you things like items from the store, a school-wide movie, a dance, Christmas with hot chocolate, cookies and the Polar Express and Easter egg hunt, etc. Our motto is ROCK for responsibility, organization, character, and knowledge. There are some drawbacks, but overall it is wonderful.