Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First 2 days over!!!!

Well I just made it through the first two days of school! Whew, I am sooo tired and my feet hurt so bad. I forget all we do at the beginning of the year, every year until we start the year again. Oh yeah, we can now have 24! Yikes! I just love our President and Governor who have never taught Kindergarten before. I would love for them to teach a class of 20, 22, or 24 for a week and see if they would raise our numbers. I think lawmakers should try it first. (Time to get off my soapbox)
I hope everyone is having a great year! I can't wait till the first 3 weeks are over. I just need to remember to be stricter, that way I have more control at the beginning. They are so sweet and cute.I sometimes let too much go.... Tomorrow Meanie Hoang will be there.

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  1. Our class size is 18. We are all over by 1. We will be getting a new teacher. I am very excited to have 15 kids in my class. I will be thinking of you and your 24 babies.