Monday, July 11, 2011

All about me ideas......

I use the following story from Vicki Witcher.  I have it as a blackline book, and I've made sentence strips for the pocket chart, using the illustrations from the book.  I also have a cute child (about 3 feet tall) on my bulletin board, with the text written on sentence strips and placed adjacent to the correct part of the body.  This is one of our first stories for tracking print and learning one-to-one correspondence.
I See Me By Vicki Witcher
I see my head. I see my shoulder. I see my arm. I see my elbow. I see my wrist. I see my knee. I see my ankle. I see all of me!
Part of our end-of-year assessment in kindergarten requires the children to name body parts as the teacher points to them.  I discovered many of my students didn't know the words wrist and ankle, so we now learn them at the beginning of the year. 
 Our hands are our learning tools, and I like to explore the many ways we can use them. 
Hands, Hands, Hands
by Marcia Vaughan
A rhyming story about the many things hands can do,
including hugging and helping.

  Follow Up Activities
Make a chart of all the good things and bad things that hands can do.  This fits in nicely with teaching school rules.
Make a Language Experience Big Book of children's drawings of their hands (or of handprints made with paint), adding a sentence from each child about something special they do with their hands.
Make a book based on The Wright Group's I Can Jump,  using the following writing frame:  Hands can ______ and ______, but hands shouldn't ______.
Make fingerprints and examine them with a magnifying glass.  You can also make finger-and-thumb-print flowers and bugs, and have the children make a picture of their family  using fingerprints for heads.
Make a  strip with each child's handprints in a single row, made in an A-B-C pattern of 3 colors of light paint.  When the handprints are dry, number the fingers from 1 to 100 (for a class of 20 students) and number the palms with multiples of 5.  Post this number line where they can use it all year long.  Mine is attached to the calendar wall.

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